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Feb 07 2023 -
Server Testing
New version of servers with hundreds of changes will start - 08.02.2023 Test version.
Server version is custom 8.6 with multiple changes that give a lot more things to do and help players.
There is already live server with low exp called RealOTS, other project that was started last year with thought to expand items and some mechanics to 10.77 without changing versions.
Server rates will be high for testing phase and official rates will be posted later.
Things like Auciton house for items, characters, trading with players using premium points and a lot more stuff from new site version.
Added new version of map that will be updated to add new things.
Areas like Oramond, Roshamuul are already available - with new textures of monsters and items.
Quests from 8.6 are nearly 100% completed - quest lines like in real tibia and free from bugs, verified most important quests step by step.
World Changes - some events have chance to activate while server starting like - spawning yasir, mawhawk and other.
Quests from future version of tibia are not verified 1 by 1 yet, but will be in the future.
Client will be available to download tommorow evening.
Discord will be merged pandemiaOTS with realOTS.
If there are any questions about future of server, you can ask them in topic or in discord.

Jan 16 2023 -
Server Restart
New version of server will start 8 february.
Server client will be 8.6 custom and OTClient a lot of new stuff added from other tibia versions.
More info will be posted in coming days.
Of course server will keep original low exp idea with stages. Server will stay online - till next week, then "transition" timespan will begin.